The lie of "comfort women" Koreans keep escaping

In talking about this problem we must first confirm.
The fact that the Japanese army gathered Korean young
women as sex slaves and oppressed them was not a fact.
That said, "Do not you say that there was none comfort women?"
There is a person to tell like this.
Those people are just changing the story to make it convenient
for them.

The point is that it was true that there was a woman
who had a spring in a soldier who was called a comfort women
at the time,
There is no fact that the country called Japan tortured or raped
as young women abducted and captured young women like slaves.

If such logic says "There was no massacre",
"There is no reason not to die even though it is war,
It is a malicious thing to deliberately misunderstand by deliberately changing words,
Those who do not have prior knowledge will be deceived
immediately if they are heard repeatedly in the media.

In the first place "serving" refers to people
who follow the military like reading letters,
We call reporters and nurses who have battlefield with the
army "battlefield reporter" "battlefield nurse"

It is not a word used for those who are engaged in business
at a place far away from the battlefield to
the military opponent."Battlefield comfort women"
is a word created after the war to emphasize
the relevance to the army against the fact.

Using that word itself is false.

South Korea is not limited to "battlefield comfort women"
but try to justify their position by skillfully changing
the words according to the situation.
For example, when a lie of a compulsory takeoff comes out,
"forced prostitution"
It is pointed out that the age of former comfort women
is too young,
From the image of comfort women to "girl image"
Considering that impact is weak in comfort women,
they rephrase paraphrase lies as words convenient for them,
like sex slaves.

In truth, however,
I think that a certain feeling is put in a different meaning
to the word comfort women.
Originally, they were called "prostitutes" and there was a
suitable existence, but for young soldiers there might
have been some people who were the first women.
There would have been a person who became a partner
of the last night of a soldier scattered on the battlefield.
As they supported the soldiers' minds,
they were fighting for Japan.
Because there was resistance to calling such women
"prostitutes", the predecessor created the word
"comfort women"Unfortunately we can not understand such
feelings other than Japanese.
People with hostility towards Japan used "comfort women"
as a result of adve
than just prostitutes,
People who do not know well about Japan
got a wrong negative image against the word "comfort women".