The lie of the movie "Battleship Island"(gunkanjima)

Distortion and fabrication of facts

Firstly, it is treatment of Korean workers.
In a movie, like a slave, it is transported by a ship's bottom or a freight train, confiscated property, confiscated property, a poor meal and a terrible dormitory are given, and a hard labor is made while being beaten.When an accident happens in the tunnel, the exit is closed to protect other galleries, and Korean miners are killed.
When an accident happens in the tunnel, the exit is closed to protect other galleries, and Korean miners are killed.
This depiction contradicts the testimony that former residents of Nagasaki prefecture · hashima (official name of warship island) "living well in the same community (Japanese and Koreans)"
It is also far from testimony of the workmaker at the same time as the setting of the age of the movie.
Mr. Zhengduhai who worked as a reproductive worker in a military factory in Hiroshima provided a satisfying meal with the newly constructed dormitory, new futon and quantity quarter, and testified that every night, oysters etc. were knobs and sake brewing was possible There.

Second, it is about treatment of Korean comfort women. In the movie, a comfort woman is deceived to work at a factory and taken to the outsiders while being beaten by soldiers.
One of them speaks that he was worked in a comfort station in China before coming to hashima, but witnessed that a colleague who rolled over was rolling on the nail board and the body was full of blood and killed and despair It can be tattooed whole body as a punishment which aimed at suicide.

This depiction is based on false testimony by Mr. Kiyohji Yoshida that the military gathered comfort women like slave hunting and residents living in North Korea quoted without backing the report of Mr. Kumaraswami, Special Rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Commission You can see immediately that the testimony of former comfort women is underlaying.

In the vicinity of the site where Korean laborers were mobilized, there was a case that the outsiders putting Korean women were placed as labor management conveniences. If a Korean woman was on the outskirts of hashima, it was introduced mainly for Korean miners who can communicate with words. Korean miners also got a relatively high wage, so I was able to play in the outskirts.

Thirdly, the movie is supposed to have a Korean miners massacre plan. Japanese executives who are afraid of pursuing responsibility for mining abuse will try to kill all Koreans in the tunnel.
This is absolutely fabrication. Such a plan is a serious crime, but there are actually no such cases in fact.

At the time, all the companies cooperated in the war in the system of total mobilization of the state, after the war ended, the former residents said "At the end of the island, Mitsubishi ship delivered Koreans to the peninsula."